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Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 2023

Save The Date: Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 6:00 PM via video webinar (“Zoom”). Additional information and technical details will be provided in future communications. A draft of the minutes of last year’s 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is posted in BuildingLink for your review and comment.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 20232023-11-15T08:50:40-05:00

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 2021

Save The Date: Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at 5:30 P.M. via video webinar (“Zoom”). Additional information and technical details will be provided in future communications. A draft of the minutes of last year’s 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is posted on the website (www.336cpw.org) for your review and comment.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 20212023-11-15T08:49:29-05:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – Feb 2020

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Happy new decade! Let’s move into it with confidence.

Over the past months, your Board has received feedback on many issues. One that concerns the whole community, and typically ends up a controversial one, is the lobby.

I think most of us agree that the time has come to put a bit of care into our common area. What makes tackling this task more relevant than ever is the significant rise in the number of packages the building takes in on a daily basis, from Amazon.com to Zappos.

In the lobby’s current configuration, there is no place to store all those packages — scores of them every day, piling up by the hour. While our diligent staff does all it can to process and deliver these boxes immediately, the volume is too great and often residents are not home or available to receive packages. Further, the manual process of logging incoming packages into a ledger is tedious and prone to error, and it often pulls our doormen away from the door or elevators.

To resolve this dilemma, your Board has identified an automated package intake system, one that is used in hundreds of buildings throughout NYC. While we move to implement this computerized system, the Board is also looking to make adjustments and some freshening of the lobby itself. These measures will include putting in a shelf on the north side of the entrance vestibule (for the intercom phone and other technology) and constructing a cabinet for package storage and for housing technical wiring. More details will be forthcoming. Your Board is doing all it can to keep costs of these enhancements to a minimum while ensuring that the quality of the work matches our high-quality, Art Deco lobby.

As we have previously communicated, the Board secured additional financing for the building in order to manage our future expenses, in particular to fund various maintenance and repairs as required by Local Law 11. This additional financing puts the building in a strong financial position and we are better prepared for any unplanned event.

As the engineering assessment found minimal window risks and thus the window program is on hold, a few residents have approached the Board on taking the initiative to replace their own windows. The Board supports such efforts, but please keep in mind that replacing windows can be an involved task. To assist […]

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Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – October 2019

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome back! We hope you had a nice summer and were able to enjoy some time off, and that your September has gone smoothly whether it involved getting back to school, back to work or just back to the city.

Over the course of the summer, we have made substantial progress on a number of initiatives that help improve our 336 CPW community.

As discussed at our Annual Shareholder Meeting in June, we have successfully completed the mortgage financing. We now are well positioned to absorb the capital investments and repairs required to comply with our local law 11 evaluation.

Our building’s electrical upgrade project is also nearing completion. We conducted this project because (1) the amount of electricity available to some lines in our building has been taxed by the numerous renovations, and promised to be overtaxed by future ones; and (2) we had a surprising window of opportunity with the NYC Department of Buildings. The work doesn’t result in direct, immediate charges to shareholders at large, but to offset the investment, those choosing to use the new meters– likely through an apartment renovation–will be charged a fee.

Speaking of renovations, please remember we have very clear policies and procedures regarding approval of alterations in our co-op. You can find all the necessary documents for you, your architect and contractor at https://336cpw.org/building-docs/. In response to shareholder inquiry, we have posted (in the same web location) a list of suggested architects and contractors.

The Board strongly recommends using architects and contractors who adhere to our building requirements and who are properly insured. While quality service providers may seem expensive at the outset, we assure you that you will save money in the long run. Poor quality work often will require remediation, and careless contractors may need to fix work if not done to the satisfaction of our building’s architect.

We also would like to remind all shareholders that under the proprietary lease, you are required to maintain adequate insurance. Please ensure you have adequate coverage, particularly with respect to liability insurance. Details can be found on page 4 of the proprietary lease: https://336cpw.org/building- docs/. A simple call to your insurance broker can resolve any needs.

Since our last update, the composting program is up and running. The brown bins are located in the basement near each elevator. All organic waste […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – October 20192020-02-28T10:29:01-05:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – March 2019

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

After a long and variable winter, spring is finally blowing in, and with any luck we’ll soon be getting the consistent warm days and balmy breezes we’ve all been waiting for.

The Annual Shareholders Meeting will be held in early June—the exact date will be distributed soon—at the Alexander Robertson School.  In addition to our annual report and election of board members, agenda items include financing options, an update on ongoing projects such as the electrical upgrade, and other topics. We have a lot to report so we encourage you to attend.

We continue to confront sticky situations on renovations. For those of you who are contemplating a renovation, please note that renovating in New York City has become quite an ordeal. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) has adopted stricter guidelines and many shareholders have experienced extensive delays in obtaining DOB approval. We urge you to review the alteration guidelines, which can be found on the 336cpw.org website under building documents. There seems to be some confusion regarding when a job is officially approved. Remember: You will need approval from the DOB and from the board. If you have engaged an architect, he or she can coordinate this process on your behalf.

The board strongly recommends using architects and contractors who adhere to our building requirements and who are properly insured. While quality service providers may seem expensive at the outset, we assure you that you will save money in the long run as poor-quality work will often require remediation and careless contractors may need to remediate work if it isn’t done to the satisfaction of our building architect. Service providers that comply with the building’s policies minimize obstacles and in turn complete a project on a more efficient and more cost effective basis. With all that has occurred, the building has adopted these guidelines to help prevent disruptions that affect our neighbors. We really need all shareholders to abide by them.

Please remind your contractors and others involved in any renovation that they must be are communicating and coordinating with Sergio, who is instrumental in the seamless operations of our building.

We would also like to remind all shareholders that under the proprietary lease, they are required to maintain adequate insurance. Please make sure you have adequate coverage, particularly with respect to liability insurance.

E-mail from the building may get caught in your […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – March 20192019-11-24T21:41:16-05:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – October 2018

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

There is never a dull moment here at 336 CPW. Managing an almost 90-year-old building certainly has its challenges, and they seem most apparent during the budget planning process.

As we complete the budget for 2019, we are taking many expenditures into consideration. The bulk of them involve compliance with NYC Local Law 11, which mandates the periodic inspection of exterior walls of buildings like ours. The pedestrian canopies around our building and many others in the neighborhood clearly indicate the city’s commitment to compliance. To walk through what shareholders can expect for 2019, the Board is holding a special town hall on Monday, November 12th at 7 p.m. at the Alexander Robertson School at 3 West 95th Street. Aside from an update on the scaffolding, agenda items include the 2019 budget, real estate taxes, the window program, our electrical distribution system, washing-machine installations, and new policies.

We urge all shareholders to attend as we examine important financial and operational realities. For those who cannot make it, a summary communication will be distributed to all shareholders.

Renovations continue to be active. We remind shareholders it is critical to abide by the clearly written and detailed alteration guidelines, and to hire architects and contractors that do so. These guidelines are meant to keep residents safe and to minimize incidents with disruptive consequences, especially leaks. In a proactive effort to protect all shareholders and our building, the board has adopted a policy of strict adherence to these requirements. Our building’s architect, Ethelind Coblin Architects LP, will be involved in every renovation from application through inspections to completion. For reference, detailed documentation on the renovation process can be found on the 336cpw.org website under the Building Documents tab at the upper right (www.336cpw.org/building-docs/). Any further questions you may have on renovations should be directed to John Devall at Orsid.

As Halloween is upon us, please remember to sign up for trick-or-treat participation on the sign-up sheets that will be posted in the elevators.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Our polling place is in the public school complex at 154 West 93rd Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam) from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Please remember that we are endeavoring to use email for shareholder communications. Email from the building may get caught in your spam filter so please make sure you add information@336cpw.org to your safe list. For […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – October 20182019-04-08T00:22:36-04:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – June 2018

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Summer is almost upon us! After a very wet April and a May that seemed to waver in its commitment to springtime, we’re seeing the payoff in our current lush greenery in the park and blooming flowers around us. And did you notice Trader Joe’s finally opened? Surely that’s a harbinger of change. Let’s hope the weather plays it straighter in the coming weeks and that summertime gets under way on time.

Thanks to all of you who were able to a end the Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 7. It’s always nice to see everyone and we do get such great participation. The meeting was an eventful one in that we had two new nominees running along with the members of the incumbent board for its 10 seats. Jesse Huot, a longtime resident of 336, was newly elected to the board. We welcome Jesse and look forward to serving with him. We thank Todd O’Donald for his service to the building. Todd always made thoughtful contributions on all ma ers that came before the board, and had great insight in particular into building issues. It was a pleasure working with him.

For those of you who missed the meeting, the board provided a summary of operations for the building in the past year and updated shareholders on Local Law 11 remediation and the window program. The board emphasized some simple measures shareholders can take to prevent leaks.

Among other things, the board has recommended and circulated a remedial program for legacy washing machines, meaning those that were grandfathered in before current building regulations calling for leak pans and shuto valves took e ect. During the meeting, one shareholder also put forward a great suggestion: If you have a legacy machine, and if you can remember, shut o the valve before going away for more than one night.

The board also emphasized the importance, for any renovation project, of using quality service providers who follow the building’s alteration guidelines and–equally important–take on Sergio’s guidance. Please reach out to Sergio, Orsid or a board member if you have any questions.

As we laid out at the shareholders’ meeting, the window program has been a bit delayed, largely as a result of the immense work that went on in the wake of the big leak in the building in May 2017. We understand many shareholders have expressed an interest in participating in […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – June 20182018-11-25T11:43:14-05:00

Springtime Shredding Truck

As we have in years passed, the building has arranged for a shredding truck to be outside the building on Saturday May 12th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Please avail yourself of this chance to turbocharge your spring cleanup.

Springtime Shredding Truck2021-10-27T09:11:27-04:00

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 2019

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for Monday, June 10, 2019, at 7:00 P.M. at the Alexander Robertson School, located at 3 West 95th Street in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York 10025. A draft of the minutes of last year’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is posted on the website  click here for your review and comment.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 20192021-10-27T09:12:46-04:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – March 2018

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

We hope everyone started off 2018 on the right foot. It’s hard to believe that it is almost spring despite the irregular weather throughout the winter, during which the Board has tried to progress on its ambitious agenda.

Mandatory Local Law 11 is upon us, which demands a five-year inspection and, where necessary, repair of the building’s façade. We have engaged DNA Contracting as the first step in this process. As you will have noticed from the scaffolding enveloping the building, they already have begun their work. If all goes as planned, the scaffolding should be gone before the summer begins.

We have started preparations for our annual shareholders’ meeting, which will take place at 7:00 pm on May 7, 2018, at the Alexander Robertson School, 3 West 95th Street. Meeting materials will be forthcoming in ample time before that date.

Following a strong period of sales, shareholders’ demands to conduct alterations and renovations have accelerated. As many projects have been completed or are nearing completion, several new projects have begun and there are multiple others waiting for approval. As noted previously, the number of renovations creates a tangible strain on the building’s infrastructure, on Sergio and our staff. The Board continues to manage the alterations schedule on a monthly basis. We want to take this opportunity to remind you again that future projects may be deferred and/or supplemental charges for renovation projects may be assessed to cover the cost of additional staff support.

Your Board is very focused on stringently enforcing the rules in the published Alteration Agreement. These rules, fully laid out on our website at https://336cpw.org/, were refined and updated in the summer of 2017. It is the Board’s central responsibility to protect the financial interests, safety and well-being of the shareholders. The alteration rules have been set down to provide shareholders and their contractors with a clear, unambiguous view of the requirements, time and costs associated with a proper alteration package submission.

Poor contractor work can result–and has resulted–in water leaks, noise violations, and NYC code issues. If shareholders choose not to abide by the requirements, or use contractors who ignore or skirt the rules, your Board is obliged to be strict in its enforcement of the rules, to protect other shareholders and minimize risks of financial exposure for the co-op. The consequences can include longer review processes, higher costs for the […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – March 20182018-07-24T16:17:18-04:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – July, 2017

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

When we think of summer, we generally imagine a quieter and more relaxed time in New York City. Some folks stay in the city and enjoy the pleasures of Central Park, while others head off for vacations or summer homes. Alas, the season hasn’t been that pleasant for many at 336 this year!

The water riser leak that occurred in early May has sown havoc in much of the building, particularly the A and B lines. With displaced shareholders, a new master plumber and multiple other ripple effects, Sergio and his team have had to work around the clock to help return the building to normal operations.

While many shareholders experienced tangible repercussions from the leak and the immediate work to repair the water riser, three units in particular were severely affected. These shareholders have been completely displaced from their apartments while work continues to fully remediate the consequences of the water damage.

There is an important takeaway for all of us from this ordeal: Adequate insurance coverage is absolutely vital. An event like this is unpleasant enough without the sinking realization that your insurance doesn’t rise to the challenge. We lay out a few principles to keep in mind in this newsletter, but more importantly, we plan to hold a town hall for all shareholders in the autumn with the help of our managing agent, Orsid Realty, where experts can lay out some guidelines and answer your questions about how much and what kind of insurance you need.

Some of you will recall that the leak put the front service elevator completely out of commission. Thanks to a heroic effort from John Van Deusen, a long-time 336 resident, we were able to expedite that elevator’s repair, which helped limit the disruption. Before the leak there were two renovations under way in the front of the building and now there are four, so having the service elevator back up and running as soon as possible was extremely important in the remediation plan. That is just one example of how our neighbors helped out where they could during this challenging time, something for which we are all grateful.

A quick update on the Window Program: we have selected WJE Engineers & Architects, P.C., as the independent window evaluator. We will be developing detailed specifications in order to classify each window type as a shareholder- owned window or a building- owned window. […]

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Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 2017

The annual shareholders’ meeting took place at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3rd at the Alexander Robertson School, 3 West 95th Street.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting – 20172018-05-01T21:33:36-04:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – April, 2017

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

As spring arrives, we’re again relishing warm weather, blooming flowers in our beautiful new tree pits and many projects ahead of us. The 336 Board is continuing to work on our very busy agenda. Details on upcoming projects and updates on current projects, such as the Window Program, will be topics of discussion at our annual shareholders’ meeting, which will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3rd at the Alexander Robertson School, 3 West 95th Street. Meeting materials have been distributed and we hope to see you all there. Please remember to deposit your completed proxy in one of the white ballot boxes in the lobby, whether or not you plan on attending.

All nine of the current members of the Board are standing for re-election and one additional nomination, Marty Propper, will be on the slate to fill the ten mandated seats. Michael Gordon was appointed to the Board when Mike Schell resigned, as you may recall, and has been getting involved in financial aspects of the building as he has an extensive finance background. Marty Propper, who is running to fill the vacancy left by Jason Kaplan’s resignation, has long helped the Board with website maintenance and the newsletter. Both have generously agreed to serve.

Last quarter, two apartments at 336 went into contract—a sign that the real estate market remains relatively healthy. We can’t be certain this will last, of course, but the building’s reserves are strong.

Please remember to separate your recycling, along the lines described in a reminder in this newsletter. Good practice in this regard not only avoids city fines for the building, but is also good for the environment. If you want to go the extra mile, the city accepts compost at local farmers’ markets on a scheduled weekly basis. See www.grownyc.org for more information.

On that note, please remember to consult the building’s website, www.336cpw.org, for documents and updates. The board is looking at ways to cut back on the amount of paper we generate, and will be coming forward with some concrete proposals on that front soon. In the meantime, the more we move online, particularly for longer documents, the better off we all are.

As the season shifts, keep your eyes on the many things that are happening in our neighborhood. Every time we walk along Columbus or Amsterdam, there seems to be a new restaurant or store […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – April, 20172017-07-29T13:44:06-04:00

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – February, 2017

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

As we go through this period of transition, we discussed whether we should keep the President’s Potpourri, a tradition Mike Schell started. Among his many talents, Mike was a prolific and natural writer.  While we may not be able to match his eloquence, we thought it was important to continue using this forum to keep shareholders abreast of what is happening at 336.

Thanks, first of all, to those of you who were able to attend the Town Hall on January 25th.  We know there was a lot of information to process, particularly around the proposed window program. We hope you found the discussions on that topic and the new proprietary lease as fruitful and insightful as the board members present did. We appreciated the feedback and were gratified that so many shareholders turned out.

Since the town hall the board has had additional opportunities to discuss the many points shareholders raised there. It has become clear that the proposed window program requires additional explanation. To that end, we have made several documents available on the building’s website, www.336cpw.org, which attempt to clarify the program. In particular, we would like to point you to the FAQs, which present a succinct summary of the key issues. We encourage you, of course, to reach out to any board member with any questions. We welcome continued discussion and assure you that the program presented was assembled with the shareholders’ best interests in mind.

Proxies for the vote on (1) the upgraded proprietary lease and (2) the window program at the Special Meeting on February 28 were distributed earlier this month. Whether you plan to attend or not, we urge that you complete and return your proxies as soon as possible.

With the assistance of Martin Propper (9F), we are making every effort to keep the website up-to-date and helpful to our community. Note that a user-friendly guide to alterations, pictures of staff and contact information for board members and Orsid can all be found there. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on the website. We encourage you to visit it from time to time as it contains much helpful information on the Board’s robust agenda to maintain our almost 90-year-old building.

Easing our task, at least to some degree, is the continued health of Manhattan’s residential real estate market. […]

Co-Presidents’ Potpourri – February, 20172021-10-27T09:23:53-04:00

President’s Potpourri – December, 2016

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

This is it – the last of these periodic president’s letters of potpourri which have afforded me the opportunity to impose my musings on our building community. For better or worse, but I would hope with some salutary effect from time to time. The theme for this one is reminiscence and nostalgia, wrapped in a sincere and determined undertaking to stay in touch.

As I write this, I hope I will have a chance to see every building resident at the holiday party on Wednesday, December 14. By the time you read this, it will already have happened and we will have exchanged greetings and farewells – or not. If not, this note will have to do.

Sometime in the fall of 1984, Kathy and I discovered 336 CPW as we searched for a new home that would accommodate a family of four – about to be five. The cloud of ignorance and naiveté that enveloped that search – and the two of us for that matter – is so large and impenetrable it defies fair and accurate portrayal at this distance. “Clueless” will have to do. I doubt the various proximate features of Central Park (tennis courts, reservoir, running trails, playing fields, Shakespeare in the Park, etc.) had dented our consciousness. We might have paused momentarily over “how far uptown” it seemed to be, but certainly no more. Our decision was based on the beautiful views of Central Park and our imminent – and desperate – need for more space. And our naiveté.

The process seemed endless. Actually, more like non-existent. We submitted our application. Nothing happened for a month. Then two. Then three. Had we offended? Screwed it up somehow? Finally, I talked to the chair of the admissions committee who said not to worry, he would take care of things. We got the interview. Kathy was bursting, nearly at the end of her pregnancy. I remember only the chairman – who is a resident to this day and to whom we are eternally grateful – and a young woman living in an apartment given her by her father. It was her firm opinion we could not afford the apartment and should be denied admission. Happily, the chair and the rest of the committee prevailed. We moved into the apartment in March of 1985. The baby came in June, and eventually we got around to renovations […]

President’s Potpourri – December, 20162017-02-09T09:43:38-05:00

President’s Potpourri – November, 2016

October 2016

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

By the time you read this I will have only two more meetings left as your president –November and December. I want this letter to be a bit of a summary of my personal agenda for this last year of my tenure and, in particular, a punch list of items I very much hope we can accomplish in the remaining 2-1/2 months of that tenure.

Let me start with a brief recitation of what is accomplished and in place. We are very fortunate. I’ll begin with people. We have a board of ten talented, dedicated, capable, hard-working and conscientious residents. They all take their responsibilities seriously and contribute their time and efforts generously and beyond the call of duty. After December it will be nine. The Board and the co-op are well prepared for a leadership succession.

We are blessed with a competent, reliable and diligent partner as our building agent in Orsid Realty Corp. Orsid is more than just a commercial relationship. It starts with John Devall, who truly is a member of the 336 family. The rest of the organization from top (Neil Davidowitz) through senior members (Dennis DePaola and Andre Kaplan) through staff (Ariola, Andrea, etc.) are all special folks. They are always there when we need them.

Then there is our own staff – Sergio, Orlando and the rest of the “guys.” Either nothing need be said about them or I lack the room and the time to say everything that should be said about them. They work tirelessly – always above the call of duty – in service of the building, our community and our families. Examples abound, but I’ll cite a recent one. A young girl was home alone, and her folks were late coming home. She was apprehensive. She went to the lobby and told the “guys” she was scared. They welcomed, reassured and comforted her in safety until Mom and Dad got home. It happens all the time.

The 336 physical plant is in great shape. We are restoring the sidewalks – a task that has not been completely smooth and easy. Nevertheless, it will get done and it will be done right. We approach the next Local Law 11 review with cautious confidence that the building envelope is in good shape. Our machinery and equipment is in good repair and the staff keeps it that way economically […]

President’s Potpourri – November, 20162017-03-05T12:26:22-05:00

President’s Potpourri – July, 2016

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

I guess I need to own up to the fact that I have entered the clubhouse turn in my nearly 10-year run on the board and as your president. I have only five more meetings of the board. The plan is that the board and I will agree on the budget for 2017. At that point, the leadership baton will pass from my hand to those who will continue stewardship of the best interests and welfare of our building, our co-op and our community of shareholders, residents and staff. If you think I look forward to that December meeting, you are wrong.  Two reasons.

First (and probably foremost), I have thoroughly enjoyed this service. Moreover, it truly is and should be service. One is in charge (as distinct from in service) only in the sense that whatever needs attention or fixing or mediating or planning or guiding or just plain work is in the portfolio you carry. It’s your responsibility. It’s your job. You work for the community of residents and shareholders, just like the superintendent and just like the managing agent. Ultimately, every broken toilet, every damaging leak, every disgruntled, unhappy shareholder (whatever the cause), every out-of-step staffer and every threatened capital repair is your problem.  Notwithstanding all that, it’s been a very enjoyable and personally enriching experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am going to miss it – as well as missing all of you.

Second, we have a very full agenda of projects yet to accomplish in this last half of 2016, and I want to see it all done before closing the book on my service. The major projects include the window program described at the annual meeting, the new and improved proprietary lease and the removal and restoration of the sidewalk around the building, which is both necessary and long overdue. More on these in a minute.

This year the co-op is going to have one of its best years financially (if not the best in memory). There are two principal reasons for this. The first is the one that we always cite in reviewing the financial performance of the co-op: The board, the managing agent and especially the superintendent and the staff have continued their rigorous and relentless efforts to control costs, to eliminate waste and to find ever more […]

President’s Potpourri – July, 20162017-04-02T16:01:23-04:00

President’s Potpourri – March, 2016

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

We are already through two months of the new year, and the building and co-op operations are in excellent shape. We are working to complete the audit of our 2015 financial results and year-end financial position. More on that will be available at the annual meeting.

To elaborate just a bit on 2016 operations – in which the budget is pitched at a maintenance level 2% below the 2015 level – we are substantially on budget in every major revenue and expense line item. Our cash operating result is running slightly ahead of budget before taking into account almost $35,000 of capital improvements accomplished in the first two months. Moreover, there is reason to anticipate 2016 will produce substantial flip tax revenues. In sum, the budget appears to be in very good shape after two months of operations, no doubt helped somewhat by the very mild winter we have enjoyed.

The Board is in the midst of three major projects. We hope to be able to have them ready at various times in the first half of 2016. In all events, we expect to be able to have a full discussion of all three at the annual meeting. Speaking of which, please mark your calendars and plan to attend. This year the meeting is scheduled to convene at 7 P.M. on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. The venue will be the Alexander Robertson School at 3 West 95th Street – as in recent years.

Project number 1 is an effort to obtain a complete inventory of all windows in the building. With the help of an outside window company, Sergio and our ad hoc window committee of the Board has done a methodical, comprehensive job of assessing every window in the building (all but four apartments cooperated with the survey), including their present condition, their need for repair or replacement, the timing or immediacy of that need and a very rough estimate of what repair or replacement might cost – on a very worst case basis. The purpose of the effort is to develop a plan for addressing these needs over an extended period of time in a manner that is least burdensome to both the co-op financial condition and the shareholders’ pocketbooks. We are making very good progress, and we believe we have the design of a plan that is prudent, fair and reasonable for all concerned. Please […]

President’s Potpourri – March, 20162021-10-27T09:24:27-04:00

President’s Potpourri – November, 2015

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Thanksgiving and the December holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, etc. – are on the horizon and coming into focus. The building will host the annual holiday party on Wednesday, December 9 at 6:00PM. I welcome all of you and hope we will see a large turnout. Especially from all your younger children and grandchildren. It does seem to be a big hit with them every year, and I am confident this year will be no exception.

In the spirit of those holidays, I must say there is much for which to be thankful here in our 336 CPW community. Over the past couple of years we have welcomed a number of younger couples and families into our community who will contribute to its strength, continuity and vibrancy. Moreover, just recently the Board had occasion to meet with a young couple who may one day be our neighbors. It caused me to reflect. One of these young folks grew up in this building and the other – an Upper West Sider –is the niece of a long-time resident of our building. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful neighborhood connections seem to keep popping up as younger generations mature and begin finding their way in the world as adults.

By now you should have received the Board’s memo concerning the 2016 budget and maintenance charges. There isn’t much for me to add here but perhaps a couple of sidebar comments may be appropriate. Comment number one is this subject certainly belongs on the list of items for which we should be thankful this season. We have been extraordinarily fortunate with the building operations, finances and staff this year and I want first and foremost to say thank you to all who play a role in those. That includes all 10 members of the Board, John Devall and his colleagues at Orsid, Sergio, Orlando and the staff at 336 and – last but not least – all residents and shareholders who contribute in small and inconspicuous – but nevertheless important – ways to our building culture.

I also want to observe it is barely six weeks ago that I wrote to you saying we were having a strong year and that we were mostly on target with the 2015 budget. While there are numerous unpredictable factors affecting our budget, […]

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Preventive Maintenance

A simple note to prevent leaks regarding through the wall air conditioners: Please remember to clean out your air conditioner drain lines each year. They can get clogged with dirt, causing the water to overflow, and leak.

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President’s Potpourri – October, 2015

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Memorial Day. Flag Day. Independence Day. Bastille Day. V-J Day. Women’s Equality Day. Labor Day. Columbus Day. Equinox. All the summer holidays come and gone and getting ready for Halloween. It seems just the blink of an eye, but actually it’s been a beautiful, enjoyable, restful summer, I hope. And I hope that’s been the case for all of us at 336 CPW.

We have finished the third quarter of our fiscal year at 336 CPW and are beginning the fourth. We are in the midst of another strong year operationally, fiscally and structurally. Co-op operations are substantially on budget at the end of 9 months with most individual budget lines also on target. We still have nearly three months to go, so there’s no guarantee that we finish the year on budget. But, please rest assured the Board, the management and the staff will leave no stone unturned to accomplish it. On the cash reserves front, we have once again added materially to our proverbial “rainy day fund.” It is larger than ever, and the financial condition of the Co-op is much stronger than it was at the close of fiscal 2014.

The Board is working methodically – with the management and the staff – to analyze and assess all needs for deferred maintenance in the building. The immediate utility of this effort will be anticipation of needs for capital maintenance that could be mandated by the next Local Law 11 report. At the same time we are hoping this effort will have longer term utility in planning for capital maintenance. We will keep the shareholders and residents apprised appropriately. All that said, however, I feel confident the combination of planning and increased reserves should insulate all of us from any unhappy surprises down the road.

The shareholder relations committee has been liaising with three of our shareholders who are collaborating directly with the various public agencies and offices on the subject of CPGS traffic, noise and public safety. All parties are working with CPGS to solve – or at least improve – the traffic problems during school opening and closing. Recent reports suggest the combined efforts of the school  Read More …

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President’s Potpourri – May, 2015

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

I sit here writing this on the spectacularly beautiful, bright, sunny spring day that opens Memorial Day Weekend 2015. I know that some of you – and surmise that many others of you – have already scooted off for an early start to the first big weekend of the summer, for which I offer you fond hopes for fine weather, good times and a relaxing break. As you read this, I will be hoping it was all that in fact.

Since my last letter musing about what we might do in the Annual Meeting, we’ve now actually had the Annual Meeting and two board meetings – the annual organizational board meeting and the first regularly scheduled monthly board meeting of the new, expanded board. I am especially happy to report the following factoids. One, our attendance – in person or by proxy – at the Annual Meeting was better than ever before: 93.55% of all outstanding shares. Two, we had what I thought was an excellent meeting that was both productive and informative, while at the same time being orderly to the point of almost being subdued. We now have a board of 10 where it was 7 last year, and we have 5 new members serving their first full term – James Graff, Patrick McCloskey, Cindy Michel, Todd O’Donald and Seth Segel. The influx of talent and experience and the variety of expertise they contribute is simply gratifying. I hope we will begin promptly to make practical, proper and productive use of all of it.

At the same time, we also have sitting on the board the benefit of plenty of years of direct and successful experience with all things 336 CPW. We are in good shape, I would say — and it’s a good thing, because we have a number of big-picture, longer-term projects and initiatives that are going to be both vital to the building and its residents and challenging. We are already beginning work on many of them. We will keep you posted as they unfold.

One of the topics of discussion at the Annual Meeting was Columbia Grammar & Prep School (CGPS) and the traffic issues that arise at the beginning and the end of the school day. Read More…

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