Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Summer is almost upon us! After a very wet April and a May that seemed to waver in its commitment to springtime, we’re seeing the payoff in our current lush greenery in the park and blooming flowers around us. And did you notice Trader Joe’s finally opened? Surely that’s a harbinger of change. Let’s hope the weather plays it straighter in the coming weeks and that summertime gets under way on time.

Thanks to all of you who were able to a end the Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 7. It’s always nice to see everyone and we do get such great participation. The meeting was an eventful one in that we had two new nominees running along with the members of the incumbent board for its 10 seats. Jesse Huot, a longtime resident of 336, was newly elected to the board. We welcome Jesse and look forward to serving with him. We thank Todd O’Donald for his service to the building. Todd always made thoughtful contributions on all ma ers that came before the board, and had great insight in particular into building issues. It was a pleasure working with him.

For those of you who missed the meeting, the board provided a summary of operations for the building in the past year and updated shareholders on Local Law 11 remediation and the window program. The board emphasized some simple measures shareholders can take to prevent leaks.

Among other things, the board has recommended and circulated a remedial program for legacy washing machines, meaning those that were grandfathered in before current building regulations calling for leak pans and shuto valves took e ect. During the meeting, one shareholder also put forward a great suggestion: If you have a legacy machine, and if you can remember, shut o the valve before going away for more than one night.

The board also emphasized the importance, for any renovation project, of using quality service providers who follow the building’s alteration guidelines and–equally important–take on Sergio’s guidance. Please reach out to Sergio, Orsid or a board member if you have any questions.

As we laid out at the shareholders’ meeting, the window program has been a bit delayed, largely as a result of the immense work that went on in the wake of the big leak in the building in May 2017. We understand many shareholders have expressed an interest in participating in a bulk window purchasing program. It is on the board’s list of “to do’s” but for now, unfortunately, we do not yet have a sense of timing on when we can e ect a bulk purchasing program.

Details of the plan are available, along with other important and relevant documents, on our website, As soon as we have more information, we will certainly share it and as necessary post it there.
So—there is lots to do. We look forward to another year. We welcome noteworthy items for publication in these newsle ers. Please e-mail James Gra (jamesgra or any of the board members with any news you would like to share with the 336 CPW community.

Cindy Michel (Apt. 12C) and Seth Segel (Apt. 9E)