Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome back! We hope you had a nice summer and were able to enjoy some time off, and that your September has gone smoothly whether it involved getting back to school, back to work or just back to the city.

Over the course of the summer, we have made substantial progress on a number of initiatives that help improve our 336 CPW community.

As discussed at our Annual Shareholder Meeting in June, we have successfully completed the mortgage financing. We now are well positioned to absorb the capital investments and repairs required to comply with our local law 11 evaluation.

Our building’s electrical upgrade project is also nearing completion. We conducted this project because (1) the amount of electricity available to some lines in our building has been taxed by the numerous renovations, and promised to be overtaxed by future ones; and (2) we had a surprising window of opportunity with the NYC Department of Buildings. The work doesn’t result in direct, immediate charges to shareholders at large, but to offset the investment, those choosing to use the new meters– likely through an apartment renovation–will be charged a fee.

Speaking of renovations, please remember we have very clear policies and procedures regarding approval of alterations in our co-op. You can find all the necessary documents for you, your architect and contractor at In response to shareholder inquiry, we have posted (in the same web location) a list of suggested architects and contractors.

The Board strongly recommends using architects and contractors who adhere to our building requirements and who are properly insured. While quality service providers may seem expensive at the outset, we assure you that you will save money in the long run. Poor quality work often will require remediation, and careless contractors may need to fix work if not done to the satisfaction of our building’s architect.

We also would like to remind all shareholders that under the proprietary lease, you are required to maintain adequate insurance. Please ensure you have adequate coverage, particularly with respect to liability insurance. Details can be found on page 4 of the proprietary lease: docs/. A simple call to your insurance broker can resolve any needs.

Since our last update, the composting program is up and running. The brown bins are located in the basement near each elevator. All organic waste can be disposed of in these bins. The program is voluntary so shareholders who wish to participate will need to bring their organic waste to the bins. Here is a helpful link with more information on what can be composted: services/food-scraps-and-yard-waste-page/guidelines-tips

Lastly, in consideration of your neighbors and in compliance with NYC fire code, please do not place personal effects in common areas, whether in the basement or otherwise. Especially with regards to storage lockers, all items must be placed inside the lockers. Sergio has the Board’s authorization to remove any items left in common areas.

Cindy Michel (Apt. 12C) and Seth Segel (Apt. 9E)