Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

After a long and variable winter, spring is finally blowing in, and with any luck we’ll soon be getting the consistent warm days and balmy breezes we’ve all been waiting for.

The Annual Shareholders Meeting will be held in early June—the exact date will be distributed soon—at the Alexander Robertson School.  In addition to our annual report and election of board members, agenda items include financing options, an update on ongoing projects such as the electrical upgrade, and other topics. We have a lot to report so we encourage you to attend.

We continue to confront sticky situations on renovations. For those of you who are contemplating a renovation, please note that renovating in New York City has become quite an ordeal. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) has adopted stricter guidelines and many shareholders have experienced extensive delays in obtaining DOB approval. We urge you to review the alteration guidelines, which can be found on the website under building documents. There seems to be some confusion regarding when a job is officially approved. Remember: You will need approval from the DOB and from the board. If you have engaged an architect, he or she can coordinate this process on your behalf.

The board strongly recommends using architects and contractors who adhere to our building requirements and who are properly insured. While quality service providers may seem expensive at the outset, we assure you that you will save money in the long run as poor-quality work will often require remediation and careless contractors may need to remediate work if it isn’t done to the satisfaction of our building architect. Service providers that comply with the building’s policies minimize obstacles and in turn complete a project on a more efficient and more cost effective basis. With all that has occurred, the building has adopted these guidelines to help prevent disruptions that affect our neighbors. We really need all shareholders to abide by them.

Please remind your contractors and others involved in any renovation that they must be are communicating and coordinating with Sergio, who is instrumental in the seamless operations of our building.

We would also like to remind all shareholders that under the proprietary lease, they are required to maintain adequate insurance. Please make sure you have adequate coverage, particularly with respect to liability insurance.

E-mail from the building may get caught in your spam filter so please make sure you add to your safe list.  For those of you who have yet to register, please do so at

We welcome noteworthy items for publication in these newsletters.  Please email James Graff ( or any of the board members with news you would like to share with the 336 CPW community.

Cindy Michel (Apt. 12C) and Seth Segel (Apt. 9E)