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Board of Directors

Seth Segel, 9E/10E

Cindy Michel, 12CD

Michael Gordon, 4AB

Patrick McCloskey, 15D

Anne Corvi, 3F

Jason Kaplan, 2EF

Karen Davidowitz, 12A

James Graff, 6D

Todd O’Donald, 14A

David Bither, 8B

Orsid Realty Corp.
John Devall
Account Executive
tel. 212-484-3760
fax. 212-586-4524

336 Board Meeting Summary


At a meeting on December 7, 2016 the Board addressed the following matters: APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of its meeting of November 15, 2016.


Mr. Schell and Mr. Devall presented the financial report. Mr. Schell noted the Co-op’s continued strong current cash position and provided a summary of the November 2016 budget numbers and related performance.


Mr. Devall and Mr. Ochoa updated the Board on the interior courtyard water penetration issue. Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved M & A Restoration’s proposal to repair.

The Board discussed the proposals submitted and interviews with prospective reviewing architects Ethelind Coblin Architects and Midtown Preservation. Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved Ethelind Coblin Architects as the coop’s reviewing architect; the Board decided to retain Midtown Preservation for consultation on façade and exterior work.

The Board discussed installation of a new Closed Circuit camera system in the building. Mr. Segel and Mr. Ochoa have met with a prospective new vendor; the Board authorized moving forward to obtain an official proposal.


Mr. Ochoa submitted a written report, and discussed the following:

  • Exterior work on the façade outside unit 1C is complete. Repairs are complete on the interior as well.
  • The sidewalk replacement job has been completed and the new plantings have been installed on 94th Street.
  • All employees have been entered into the time clock and have begun using. Mr. Ochoa, Mr. Segel and Mr. Devall took a training class on operating the system.
  • The building’s water tank has been cleaned and annual inspection performed.
  • Mr. Ochoa and Mr. Arriaga repaired a waste line leak in the boiler room.
  • The lobby holiday decorations were installed.
  • New Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors are being installed in the building.


Mr. Schell updated the Board on the Window Program and Proprietary Lease. A town hall meeting for sharholders is scheduled for January 25, 2017 at Alex Robertson School. A special meeting of Shareholders will be scheduled for February 2017. Notices to be sent in January 2017.

The Board discussed the meeting date for the 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and upcoming Board meetings. Ms. Michel will send out calendar invites.

The Board decided against naming the building at this time.

The Board entered executive session. The Board discussed, and upon a motion duly made and seconded approved, year-end bonuses for the Superintendent and the Handyman.


The Board accepted Mr. Schell’s resignation as Board President effective December 9, 2016.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Board elected Cindy Michel and Seth Segel to serve as co-Presidents of the Corporation to serve until the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the Board elected Patrick McCloskey to serve as Secretary of the Corporation to serve until the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders.


The next meeting of the board is scheduled for Wednesday January 18, 2017. As there was no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 9.16 p.m.

Board Meeting Dates

January 18, 2017 – 7 PM
February 7, 2017 – 7 PM
March 15, 2017 – 7 PM
April 18, 2017 – 7 PM
May 16, 2017 – 7 PM

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