President’s Potpourri

October 2016

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

By the time you read this I will have only two more meetings left as your president –November and December. I want this letter to be a bit of a summary of my personal agenda for this last year of my tenure and, in particular, a punch list of items I very much hope we can accomplish in the remaining 2-1/2 months of that tenure.

Let me start with a brief recitation of what is accomplished and in place. We are very fortunate. I’ll begin with people. We have a board of ten talented, dedicated, capable, hard-working and conscientious residents. They all take their responsibilities seriously and contribute their time and efforts generously and beyond the call of duty. After December it will be nine. The Board and the co-op are well prepared for a leadership succession.

We are blessed with a competent, reliable and diligent partner as our building agent in Orsid Realty Corp. Orsid is more than just a commercial relationship. It starts with John Devall, who truly is a member of the 336 family. The rest of the organization from top (Neil Davidowitz) through senior members (Dennis DePaola and Andre Kaplan) through staff (Ariola, Andrea, etc.) are all special folks. They are always there when we need them.

Then there is our own staff – Sergio, Orlando and the rest of the “guys.” Either nothing need be said about them or I lack the room and the time to say everything that should be said about them. They work tirelessly – always above the call of duty – in service of the building, our community and our families. Examples abound, but I’ll cite a recent one. A young girl was home alone, and her folks were late coming home. She was apprehensive. She went to the lobby and told the “guys” she was scared. They welcomed, reassured and comforted her in safety until Mom and Dad got home. It happens all the time.

The 336 physical plant is in great shape. We are restoring the sidewalks – a task that has not been completely smooth and easy. Nevertheless, it will get done and it will be done right. We approach the next Local Law 11 review with cautious confidence that the building envelope is in good shape. Our machinery and equipment is in good repair and the staff keeps it that way economically and with mechanical expertise. Everything works and is in good repair.

Our co-operative is financially sound and healthy. Our cash reserves are comfortably in the seven-figure range. Our budgets are consistently on target. We avoid significant maintenance increases year-to- year. Expenses have remained under control thanks to careful management by the Board and the staff – especially Sergio – and thanks to some recent capital projects such as the conversion from oil to gas. Our debt financing is secure and reliably in place with a high-quality lender, a low fixed interest rate and an amortization schedule that will leave the co-op debt-free at final maturity.

The market for apartments in 336 CPW has been strong for the past few years. Sales have generated a healthy flow of transfer fees. Most important, however, when our residents want or need to sell, they have been finding a market that allows satisfactory achievement of their price and timing objectives. Some of that is due to the position and reputation of our building in the market.

So, you might ask, what could I possibly be worried about? And the answer is nothing, really. However, if possible, Read More…

What’s New

Neighborhood Options in Music

Along with the city’s rich usual musical offerings, the Upper West Side is showcasing several outstanding events this week.

On Friday, Nov. 4, at 7:30, the Manhattan School of Music’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra under conductor Bobby Sanabria is giving a free concert at the MSM’s Neidorff Karpati Hall at Broadway […]

Shredding Day

Spring cleaning The coop has arranged for a shredding service to park its truck in front of the building on Central Park West from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 14. It’s free; contact the staff if you need help moving items.

SAILING/SNOW GEAR DONATION DRIVE To benefit Rocking the Boat young adults!


To benefit Rocking the Boat young adults!

Activities such as sailing and skiing have enriched all of our lives; let’s all chip in & share our extra clothing & gear with these kids so their lives can be enriched as well!


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