President’s Potpourri

Dear 336 CPW Friends and Neighbors,

This is it – the last of these periodic president’s letters of potpourri which have afforded me the opportunity to impose my musings on our building community. For better or worse, but I would hope with some salutary effect from time to time. The theme for this one is reminiscence and nostalgia, wrapped in a sincere and determined undertaking to stay in touch.

As I write this, I hope I will have a chance to see every building resident at the holiday party on Wednesday, December 14. By the time you read this, it will already have happened and we will have exchanged greetings and farewells – or not. If not, this note will have to do.

Sometime in the fall of 1984, Kathy and I discovered 336 CPW as we searched for a new home that would accommodate a family of four – about to be five. The cloud of ignorance and naiveté that enveloped that search – and the two of us for that matter – is so large and impenetrable it defies fair and accurate portrayal at this distance. “Clueless” will have to do. I doubt the various proximate features of Central Park (tennis courts, reservoir, running trails, playing fields, Shakespeare in the Park, etc.) had dented our consciousness. We might have paused momentarily over “how far uptown” it seemed to be, but certainly no more. Our decision was based on the beautiful views of Central Park and our imminent – and desperate – need for more space. And our naiveté.

The process seemed endless. Actually, more like non-existent. We submitted our application. Nothing happened for a month. Then two. Then three. Had we offended? Screwed it up somehow? Finally, I talked to the chair of the admissions committee who said not to worry, he would take care of things. We got the interview. Kathy was bursting, nearly at the end of her pregnancy. I remember only the chairman – who is a resident to this day and to whom we are eternally grateful – and a young woman living in an apartment given her by her father. It was her firm opinion we could not afford the apartment and should be denied admission. Happily, the chair and the rest of the committee prevailed. We moved into the apartment in March of 1985. The baby came in June, and eventually we got around to renovations and furnishings. But slowly, very slowly. Indeed, a year later the doorman asked Kathy if we were moving out because he thought we had too little furniture and the rooms echoed.

The years flew by, as I think they do for all young families. Five years. Ten. Twenty. Three memories are somewhat representative of the whole 20 years.

Sometime in the mid-90s – call it 1995 – I was getting my car out of the garage where I worked at 55th & 3rd. I encountered a lady whom I barely recognized – and did not really know at all. I knew she was the president of the board at 336 CPW. She was accompanied by her husband whom I had never met nor seen before. We exchanged greetings and a bit more information about ourselves. I learned her husband and I had been living in the same building (336) and working in the same building (919 3rd) [Read More…]

What’s New

Neighborhood Options in Music

Along with the city’s rich usual musical offerings, the Upper West Side is showcasing several outstanding events this week.

On Friday, Nov. 4, at 7:30, the Manhattan School of Music’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra under conductor Bobby Sanabria is giving a free concert at the MSM’s Neidorff Karpati Hall at Broadway […]

Shredding Day

Spring cleaning The coop has arranged for a shredding service to park its truck in front of the building on Central Park West from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 14. It’s free; contact the staff if you need help moving items.

SAILING/SNOW GEAR DONATION DRIVE To benefit Rocking the Boat young adults!


To benefit Rocking the Boat young adults!

Activities such as sailing and skiing have enriched all of our lives; let’s all chip in & share our extra clothing & gear with these kids so their lives can be enriched as well!


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